We make a living by what we get, but a life by what we give.


NABA provides a wide range of services to individuals with visual impairments.  Services range from training and placing legally blind adults in professional employment to providing rehabilitation services to seniors with age-related vision loss.

NABA, with over a century of experience, continues to help individuals overcome the challenges of vision loss, enabling them to lead more productive, independent lives.  The KidSight Program provides free vision screening for children 18 months to 4 years old.


NABA recognizes that individuals have different interest, talents and time schedules. There are a variety of positions in which you can volunteer that best suit you. Some of these opportunities include:

Community Services which may include assisting individuals with visual impairments directly by being a friendly visitor - reading mail, books or magazines to them.

Internal Support which may include volunteering at NABA’s headquarters and assisting employees with recording information for blind staff members via tape, assisting with special events, providing artistic and graphic design skills in the development of displays, photographs and literature, and computer support. NABA offers volunteers a thorough orientation and training session to ensure that you’re volunteering to the best of your ability.


Golf - Benefit NABA's Senior Programs - WRCC Golfers

NABA Blind Artist Society (BAS) - Assist in recruiting new members, researching and booking galleries, assisting with the website for BAS graphic support

NABA Blind Golfers Association - Be a coach to a legally blind golfer

NABA Youth Programs - Saturday Series, School break events, Summer programs

Work Experience and Placement Employment Program - Mentorship; Assisting to recruit employers

Interested in general volunteer opportunities, please contact Gail Hessney, Volunteer Coordinator (518) 463-1211 ext. 201

Interested in youth volunteer opportunities, please contact Senia Fleming, Coordinator of Youth Services (518) 463-1211 ext. 220

NABA looks forward to hearing from you.


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