NABA KidSight Program

KidSight is NABA’s vision-screening program designed specifically for children ages eighteen months to five years. A specialized camera is used to detect potential vision impairments in the individuals screened. Each year, an average of twelve percent of  the children that we screen for vision  impairments are “flagged” as having a  potential vision problem.

These children are then referred to a doctor for a follow-up visit  and treatment if necessary.  NABA  collects data on the outcomes of those that  were recommended for a follow-up visit.  Statistics have indicated that lowincome families are less likely to follow up and schedule a visit with their doctor. Families  also reported that transportation and  available time as barriers. NABA works with  these families in various ways to ensure that  the children are seen by a doctor.

Early identification of vision problems is vital to ensuring timely treatment and prevention.

In 2019, the program screened at 91 sites in 8 counties. 5641 children were screened and 571 were flagged with a possible vision problem.

Ninety percent of the children who fail the screening exam need glasses or some other corrective action. The other ten percent may have major vision issues. All of these children are recommended to see an eye specialist.

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Gail Hessney  (518) 463-1211 x201

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