NABA Employment Services

In addition to vision rehabilitation therapy (VRT), orientation and mobility training, and social work, NABA provides a variety of programs for participants to prepare them for employment.

Depending upon factors such as age, skills and prior employment, participants may participate in some or all of NABA’s vocational services. These include pre-vocational training, work experience training, work readiness groups, job seeker workshops and placement services.

NABA rehabilitation staff strive to prepare participants to be successful employees at their desired vocation, working to develop skills, foster growth of confidence and gain independence in obtaining employment.

Pre-Vocational Training

Two programs are available for teens, ages 14-18. The first is a prerequisite to participating in summer employment and the second, SKILLS (Success is Knowledge, Independence, and Lifelong Learning for Students). In the first program, students attend a two-day NABA program, where they have the opportunity to try out various entry-level tasks to help NABA employment specialists assess work readiness abilities, strengths, and interests.

This information will assist in finding the most suitable position for participants in the Work Experience Training (WET) program. Topics such as appropriate work attire, workplace behaviors, résumé writing, where to look for jobs, how to fill out an employment application, and interview guidelines are explored.

Work Experience Training (WET) Program

NABA offers an employment program for individuals seeking an opportunity to try new jobs, get a head start in their careers and build résumés for future, long-term employment. The WET program offers a six-to-eight-week work experience. Hundreds of participants have gained employment experience throughout the NABA service area and filled gaps in their resumes through this unique program.

They learned skills working in a wide range of industries, including childcare, grocery stores, fitness gyms, media and graphic design, office work, customer service and retail locations.

Job Placement Services

Candidates in the placement program are assessed and assisted with job seeking activities and job development, as needed. Once hired, NABA provides support to the employer and employee for the first three months of employment to ensure that the transition into the new position is smooth and successful.

Partnering with NABA’s placement program allows employers an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce while hiring pre-screened and qualified individuals.

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