Employment Services

NABA’s Services for the Blind’s Employment Services have specialists that help clients identify job opportunities, pursue training, and ultimately find jobs.

Vocational Readiness Assessment

We begin by working with clients one-on-one to review possible careers and to assess and develop job-readiness skills such as interviewing and job searching.

Work Experience Trainings

Our employment specialists help clients find appropriate internships, and help employers to develop jobs for people with visual impairments. Through our programs and training, we are able to provider employers with motivated, trained, and qualified applicants. We help employers by analyzing prospective jobs, informing employers about tax credits, providing ongoing support, and offering an intern for three months at no cost.

Job Placement

Our services also include recommending accommodations and modifications in the workplace, and working with both employers and employees to provide any needed follow-up support. Our clients have gone on to become administrative assistants, customer service representatives, information technology specialists, lawyers, educators, social service workers, nursing assistants, home health aides, clerical workers, food service workers, stock clerks, and more.

Partner with NABA Employment Services

NABA is always looking for partners in the business community to provide work sites for our WET and Placement candidates. However, that is not the only way that you can help NABA provide exceptional Employment Services.

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a student searching for community service hours? Are you recently retired? Just looking to give back to the community?

The Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany is looking for people to give an hour or two of their time each week helping blind or visually impaired individuals. Helping others isn’t just a way to feel good about yourself, but also makes a difference to those who need your help.

For more information, please contact:

Madison Near or Erin Herkenham
Employment Specialist
518-463-1211 ext. 224 or ext. 226

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