Assistive Technology Services

Learn Basic Computer and Assistive Technology Skills.

Assistive Technology Assessments & Training

NABA's assistive technology staff assesses the needs of the individual and recommends a computer system and software that will allow them to continue to utilize technology for work, school or home.

Training to use the adaptive software and equipment is provided. NABA specialists are available to consult with schools, businesses and organizations that may have employees or students needing assistive technology services.

Basic Computer Training

Basic computer courses cover the most common usages of a computer with assistive technology.

Assistive Technology Training

Tech training in a vast range of assistive tech software including speech, magnification and device training.

On-Site Training at School or Work

School and workplace training in the areas of speech, magnification, etc. according to the participant's needs.

Fritz ATC Staff

The Adaptive Technology Center has the latest in adaptive devices, computer hardware and software. Technology specialists assist in selecting the equipment that will meet their individual needs and the training to manage the challenges of their visual impairment.

Our Services Include:

Analysis of computer compatibility of the technology

Setup of equipment in the home or office.

Follow-up for further refinements and specialized job related training

NABA also offers a large assortment of equipment and products including:

Electronics such as desktop/portable CCTVs, image/text-to-speech electronics, GPS, and other adaptive technologies.

For more information, please call (518) 463-1211.

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