Low Vision Services

NABA recognizes the unique needs of those with remaining vision. When vision cannot be corrected with regular eyeglasses to 20/70 or better, the condition is known as low vision.

Simple tasks such as reading, writing, shopping, cooking, and watching television become difficult for an individual. At the Dr. Harry M. Judge Vision Rehabilitation Center, NABA evaluates the person’s functional vision and his/her ability to use available equipment for maximizing use of remaining vision.

Our Specialized Programs

NABA assists individuals who have low vision or may be legally blind.

Assistive Technology Services

NABA assesses the needs of the individual, and recommends a computer system and software that will allow him or her to continue to utilize technology for work or school.

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Youth & Teens Program

The NABA youth program provides recreational and rehabilitation programs to blind and visually impaired youth ages eight through eighteen.

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