Adam Marino WET StudentNABA’s Work Experience Training program allows individuals an opportunity to gain paid work experience in a real work setting with the support of a job coach as needed. The program is most active in the summer, with the majority of WET candidates being high school and college students who are looking to gain experience in the work force. However, adults who have little to no work experience, have been out of the work force for some time, or who are exploring new career options as a result of sudden vision loss, are also eligible to complete WETs. In addition to learning new skills, the WET program gives candidates an opportunity to explore different employment fields and environments prior to making long term commitments.

Employers who partner with NABA to make the Work Experience Training program successful do so at no cost to themselves. The employee and job coach are paid for by NYS through NABA. All associated payroll paperwork and worker’s compensation insurance are completed and covered by NABA. NABA’s Employment Specialist maintains ongoing communication between the candidate, employer and job coach to ensure a meaningful and productive experience for all parties. Any issues, concerns, or suggestions are used as learning and growing opportunities and are addressed promptly.

Whether an individual is new to the work force or returning to the work force, the Work Experience Training program allows candidates to build their resume while gaining valuable experience and job skills. Participating employers in the WET program often express how much they learned and benefited from having a NABA supported WET candidate. Many employers ask to participate repeatedly and, in some cases, ernployers have hired WET candidates permanently.