Two pictures of Jimar, one holding his peace poster

Two pictures: Top  of Jimar smiling and bottom of his brother displaying his peace poster submitted for the Lions Peace Poster contest.

NABA Youth Program Student Jimar won the 2018 Lions District Peace Essay Contest! Yay Jimar!

We are so inspired by your words and kindness.

Here is his essay entitled “My Little Piece of Peace”

“Every morning I feel happy and think to myself today is going to be a good day. I rush downstairs to eat breakfast when the booming sound of the news spoke to me and said something bad had occurred. The happy smile slowly turns into a frown. World peace would be amazing to everyone’s lives. Everyone has a smile on their face and live happy lives. People help the poor and make sure that they are happy.  There would be no more robbing or attacks that frighten people, but sadly this wonderful place is not present.  There still is shocking news about horrible attacks, natural disasters and other bad things.

I could just imagine how amazing world peace would be. I visualize an ice cream stand and a little kid asks his parents for money and dad unfortunately can’t spend the money because of financial issues.  The kid’s eyes start to get a hot pink color.  Immediately tears pour from his eyes making shallow clear puddles on the sidewalk.  The ice cream man notices the child and asks what flavor.  The parents couldn’t believe what the man asked.  The kid rubs his eyes and tears dry up.  After receiving the chocolate ice cream, the kid gives the man a big hug.  As the family walks away they leave a trail of smiles.

I can feel the sun beaming on me and surrounding me with heat. I walk to school greeting everyone who takes a glance at me because it warms my heart to make people happy.  When it rains a rainbow comes after.  Right now the world is pouring rain let’s hope one day we see a rainbow.

I heard news of a coyote on the loose where I live.  I’ve also heard news of man who just was released from jail for the third time who also lives near me.  All of the negativity drains my happy emotions.  I begin to dream about what could have happened.  I shiver in fright wanting to snap out of my dream.  Finally I open my eyes, seeing the dark bedroom walls.  I can feel the cool air smack my face as the fan blows. I breathe in and out as I look at the clock beholding that it was 3:45am.  I begin to close my eyes again, this time hoping for a good dream.  There it was in my mind, blocking all of the negative thoughts.

I was playing basketball with a couple of friends ignoring everything else.  We played a game of 3 on 3.  We didn’t care when someone scored or missed.  We played for fun and that’s what matters.  To me life is about enjoying it to its fullest.

One day when I wake up in the morning and think today is going to be a good day and rush down those stairs I want to hear that today is going to be sunny all day and nothing bad is going to happen.  My smile will stay on my face.  I found our rainbow.”