Harry M Judge Vision Rehabilitation CenterLocated at NABA, The Dr. Harry M. Judge Low Vision Rehabilitation Center at NABA is dedicated to helping people with low vision maximize their remaining vision by providing the most advanced devices and professional services.

Low vision is defined as a significant reduction of visual function that cannot be fully corrected by ordinary glasses, contact lenses, medical treatment and/or surgery. Low vision affects people of all ages, affecting daily activities like reading, cooking, taking medication and watching television.

Recognizing the unique needs of those with limited vision, a low vision examination can determine the individual’s level of functional vision.  The Low Vision Specialist can then prescribe low vision aids such as magnifiers or special glasses designed to help with reading and daily activities.

Some of the latest in low vision technologies, such as CCTV’s (closed circuit television) and hand-held electronic devices, can be viewed and demonstrated at The Center.

Combined with Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

low vision and adaptive aids (large print items, talking clocks, etc.) can be powerful tools to assist with independent living.  Many adaptive aids can be acquired through NABA’s on-line “Shop”

To make an appointment for a low vision examination, contact:

Angel Brassard
Center Coordinator
(518) 463-1211 x239