Vocational Rehabilitational Teaching (VRT)NABA’s Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRT) teach adaptive techniques for doing ordinary tasks so a person who has experienced a vision loss may continue to be independent. Each consumer is instructed in their home or workplace, often using adaptive equipment, and the program is designed to meet the personal goals of the individual.

Areas of training may include:

  • Communication skills – reading with prescribed magnifiers and glasses, writing signature, letters, and envelopes, phone dialing, keyboarding, braille reading and writing, use of tape recorders and organization; including at workplaces
  • Personal Management skills – telling time, managing medications, grooming, matching colors
  • Financial Management skills – money identification, writing checks and managing an account, use of talking calculator
  • Meal Preparation skills – pouring safely, peeling, slicing, measuring ingredients, setting dials and use of appliances, stove-top and oven safety and usage, adaptive recipes, cleaning counters and dish washing
  • Home Management skills – setting thermostat, laundry, cleaning, mending, sewing machine use and safe plug insertion


For more information, please contact:
Christina Kendall
Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Phone: 518.463.1211