Veronica Job Placement StudentNABA’s skilled and experienced candidates who are ready to obtain permanent employment are eligible to receive assistance through NABA’s Placement Services. Candidates in the Placement program are assessed and assisted with job seeking activities and job development, as needed. Once hired, NABA provides support to the employer and employee for the first three months of employment to ensure that the transition into the new position is smooth and successful. Partnering with NABA’s Placement program allows employers an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce while hiring pre-screened and qualified individuals.

This all-encompassing program begins with a placement assessment to determine if the candidate has the skills and abilities to engage in job seeking activities and, ultimately, independently maintain employment. During the assessment the candidates’ interests, skills, and preferences are explored and a mock-interview is conducted. Any concerns or additional training needs are addressed prior to
entering the job seeking/job development phase.

Placement candidates are assisted with creating a resume, cover and thank you letters, improving interview skills, and finding job leads. Any resources or supplies needed to ensure a successful employment search are provided.

Employers who hire a NABA Placement candidate have access to NABA’s qualified professionals who can assist with installing and updating assistive technology, ensuring that communication devices work effectively, and addressing any concerns which may arise.