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Pictured is a large group of NABA Youth Program students standing in front of a bus, with their hands in the air saying “Hooray!” after a great NABA Youth Program outing.

The NABA Youth Program provides free recreational and rehabilitation programs for blind and visually impaired youth ages 8-18 in a twelve county service area in the New York Capital Region. This year NABA will spend $37,000 in transportation for these programs. 

We are looking for your support for the Transportation Fund to help support the NABA Youth Program.  NABA provides transportation for all youth to come to Albany – from Warren County to Columbia County and beyond.

These programs run one Saturday a month, over school breaks and for two weeks in the summer. The program exposes children and teens to activities such as roller skating, swimming, horseback riding, indoor rock climbing and hiking as well as rehabilitation activities which teach daily living skills and orientation & mobility techniques for increased independence.


Pictured is the flyer for the GoFundMe Transportation Fund Campaign with a picture of several youth wearing red NABA Camp teeshirts.